• How to create brand-building Stories every day in no more than 20 minutes
  • How to create captivating Instagram Stories without compromising your lifestyle
  • How to film your IG Story with ease
  • How to create an easy-to-follow editorial calendar for your Stories
  • How to come up with epic Story ideas when you feel stuck
  • How to get clear on your Brand Story
  • How to get clear on your Brand Personality
  • How to discover your decorative style
  • How to get eyeballs from people who may not be following you yet
  • How to find and curate existing online content to use as a Story
  • How to choose which types and categories of content you should post
  • How to know exactly how long/short your story should be and how often to post
  • How to know exactly what to post
  • How to connect, boost engagement and get interaction from your Stories
  • What to avoid when filming your Instagram Story
  • The intricacies of my Fool-Proof Instagram Story Formula and how to use it without feeling overwhelmed
  • The one thing to *always* have on your phone in case you have a busy day and *can’t* post to your Story

I’m Alex Beadon, an online business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make a full-time living doing what they love and who want to experience far more freedom in their lives because of it.

I stumbled upon success in the online business world by accident. I’ll never forget my very first day of online sales - PayPal notifications buzzing on my phone, again, and again, and again each time a new order came in. Demand was high, and within a year, I had my very first six figure business.

I had invested so much time, love and energy into building a tribe of people who *loved* following my brand, and really appreciated the value I brought to their lives.

Back then, I was blogging almost every day and by the time I launched my first digital product, I already had a following who was eager for every piece of content I published. That was back in 2011.

Today, the digital landscape has evolved *far* past blogging, but the core concept remains the same:

Build a tribe of people who *love* following your brand, and appreciate the value you bring to their lives, and watch selling online become *way* easier.

Through my years of using social media, I’ve never quite seen people respond to a format as much as I’ve seen them respond to Stories. That’s why I’m fascinated by using Stories to add value, build a tribe, and boost sales. I created Gram Slam to be able to teach everything I know about Instagram Stories, with the hope of helping others learn how to use Stories in a brand-building, profit-boosting way.

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