Once you sign up for the Gram Slam Affiliate program, you will have access to your unique link that can be shared on your social media networks, website, with your email list - wherever you decide. This unique link carries a cookie which will allow us to track any sales made through your link within 30 days of someone buying.

The more you promote, the more sales you will generate and the more you will earn. We provide you some basic graphic elements, a few feed images AND Instagram story images along with some email templates. Share Gram Slam with your audience to create a buzz and earn extra income.

For every single sale you make, you will receive 50% of the overall profit. I repeat - 50% of the overall profit. *You will receive $$ directly into your Paypal account at the end of every month, based on the amount of customers you generated.
*This is not a set date and will range from month to month, but keep an eye on your PayPal account. Don’t have a PayPal account? Learn more here on how to set one up.


  • This Affiliate program is FREE to join. There are zero charges to you and no minimum or maximum sales requirement.
  • You make money by generating sales, with every sale you make you will receive a commission sent directly to your PayPal account at the end of each month.
  • You may join the affiliate program as long as you have a verified PayPal account.
  • You will get a 50% commission from purchases made from people clicking your affiliate link. Please note that from time to time we may offer Gram Slam at special price. In this case, you will still receive 50% of the price of Gram Slam.
  • Alex Beadon + Team Beadon have the right to change your affiliate status at any time.

If you have any problems or concerns, please send us an email to contact@alexbeadon.com